Bob Naessens – Trumpet, Vocals

Dale Kivinen – Accordion, Trumpet,  Vocals

Jim Mackiewicz Jr. - Trumpet, Clarinet, Sax

Joe Zalewski – Bass, Vocals

Chris Hedrich – Accordion, Trumpet, Vocals

Jack Beachly III – Concertina, Trumpet, Vocals


Chase Mackiewicz - Trumpet

AJ Zalewski – Drums

The DynaBrass Team


Currently based in Toledo, OH, The DynaBrass is an IPA & USPA award winning Musical Group that performs Polish American Polka Music. The DynaBrass was originated by Jeff Mleczko and has been performing at Polka Festivals and entertainment venues throughout the USA and Canada for more than 25 years.

Currently, Jeff Mleczko is not performing with The DynaBrass due to medical reasons. The band continues to perform in Jeff's absence under the interim leadership of Joe Zalewski.