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Exclusive Virtual Premiere Performance of the "20/20 Polkas" album performed "LIVE" in its entirety. it "On Demand" on YouTube -

International Polka Association (IPA) Virtual Festival
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DynaBrass Receives Three USPA Polka Music Award Nominations

2022 Band, Song and Recording  of the Year

Toledo, OH, April 24, 2023:  The DynaBrass has been nominated for the United States Polka Association (USPA) Polka Music Award in three (3) categories; 2022 Band of the Year,  2022 Song of the Year “Some Nights” and 2022 Recording of the Year “All In!”. 

Toledo, OH, May 13, 2022:  TOPOMO Records is excited to announce the release of “ALL IN!” a new full length recording by The DynaBrass. This new Album was engineered by Gary Rhamy and recorded at Peppermint Productions in Youngstown, Ohio.

“ALL IN!” is a collection of 15 songs, thirteen polkas, a waltz and an oberek. Following a similar formula as the previous IPA & USPA award winning album, “20/20 Polkas”... read the full press release at

DynaBrass,  Front L to R: Paul Krywy, Bob Naessens, Bernie Gorak III., Back L to R: Chase Mackiewicz,  Joe Zalewski, Chris Hedrich

DynaBrass Receives USPA Polka Music Award 

"Some Nights" is the 2022 Song  of the Year

Toledo, OH, May 27, 2023:  The DynaBrass has won the 2022 Song of the Year for its recording “Some Nights” which features Chase Mackiewicz on vocals. The immensely popular song has been a fan favorite since its release. The DynaBrass was also nominated for the United States Polka Association (USPA) Polka Music Award in two (2) other categories; 2022 Band of the Year and 2022 Recording of the Year “All In!”. Congratulations to all of the USPA award winners and nominees.


"Polkas are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

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DynaBrass and Lenny Gomulka's Chicago Push

USPA's Spring Dance in Middleburgh Heights, OH

Toledo, OH, February 14, 2024:  The DynaBrass along with Lenny Gomulka's Chicago Push will be appearing at the USPA Spring Dance on Saturday March 16, 2024. This USPA event with be held at the crowne Plaza Ballroon in Middleburgh Heights, Ohio. For more details visit the USPA website at  

If you are from Chicago, Grand Rapids or Toledo, you can join the USPA Bus Trip to this event, here are all the details.

Attention Polka DJ's, IJ's and Promoters...

Toledo, OH, February 21, 2024: The DynaBrass has recently completed a new recording project at Peppermint Studios entitled "Ten And Five" on ToPoMo Records. This is an extended play album which is comprised of six (6) songs. The songs will be released as singles over the next several months.

The songs of "Ten And Five" will be released digitally in the form of .WAV and .MP3 files. Compact Discs (CD's) will not be available. Public consumption of the new DynaBrass music will be available through the various online streaming services, including but not limited to, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.

For Polka DJ's, IJ's and Promoters, ToPoMo Records will make the songs available for download via a secure DropBox folder. As the songs are released, email notifications will be sent. In addition to the song downloads, additional information about the recording will be available in PDF format. To obtain access, please provide your information and request access via an email